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What's New?

What's New?

I've got the site more settled now.  I've shifted the educational material to a new Learning Management System - Moodle - which integrates with Joomla better than the old system.  I've settled on EasyBlog as the component for editing and displaying my blog.  I've started to replace the Java content with JavaScript, PHP or Flash, since the major browsers now no longer support Java - a crying shame but beyond my control.  I've added a new library system - Calibre - which has enabled me to upload my large library of eBooks.

I have also added a section under 'my stuff' which includes books which I think are very important and which should be read by everyone ho wants to understand modern politics. 

UPDATE - I have managed to download Cassie Jay's important docufilm on the Men's Rights Movement - The Red Pill.  I urge anyone who is interested in gender politics to watch it. It may change the way you see things.  If you get chance to see the film on the big screen then please do so, but I know that screenings in the UK have been few and far between and my efforts to arrange a local viewing have been stymied by a lack of response generally.

PS - The movie has been panned by some critics and by most feminist reviewers.  Please do not let that influence your viewing - the opinions of those who actually paid to see the movie are very different - a huge amount of praise and admiration.  Feminist critics try to say that Cassie Jay - the filmmaker - is somehow beholden to the MRA - this is a blatant and bald lie. Jay was a feminist when she decided to make the movie. She turned down funding offers from both feminist groups and MRA groups in order to retain editorial control and independence - an admirable decision. She stuck to this even when it seemed that lack of funds would mean the movie never got made.  The movie was eventually funded by Patreon (crowd-funding) and most of that came in response to an appeal by Milo Yiannopoulos, who is certainly many things (an extremely good looking gay Englishman who dates only blacks, is religious, Jewish,  politically conservative,  a self-confessed troll...)  but certainly NOT any part of Men's Rights activism.
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