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Please Note

The Red Pill takes a look at the Men's Rights Movement, and questions the poisonous image that feminists have created for it. This documentary was made by Cassie Jay who identified as a feminist before making this film. She no longer does so.

For those who do not know, the Red Pill is a reference from the science fiction film The Matrix. In that film the hero Neo is offered a choice of either a red pill or a blue pill.  The blue pill will take him back to the illusory computer-generated existence which he knows and which is generally believed to be reality.  The red pill will remove the illusions and reveal the full, unvarnished and shocking reality of existence. The reference, therefore, indicates a profound, quite shocking revelation that sweeps away myth and deliberate deceptions, to reveal a reality that is quite different, often shockingly so, to the one generally accepted in the west.

To be red pilled, is to be forced to confront truths, which are very uncomfortable and challenging - as I know personally. I wandered into these truths quite by accident, a couple of years ago, whilst researching for a debate, and my world-view was altered very profoundly. I changed from someone who happily identified as a feminist, into someone who now sees feminism as a deeply dangerous and destructive ideology which has nothing to do with gender equality, and which has acted as a Trojan-horse for the introduction of profoundly anti-scientific, irrational, ideologically driven materials and teaching into the universities. This has now,  sadly, infected education as a whole, as well as large parts of the media.

Please be aware that there has been a concerted and organised attempt to stop this film from being seen. Feminist groups have tried to get it banned in several countries, including Australia, the US, Canada and the UK. They have also engaged in a concerted, and often vicious, smear campaign against Cassie Jay, circulating various lies about her sympathies and affiliations, and about the funding of the film. The film has also received some very bad reviews from left-leaning film critics in the media.  HOWEVER this contrasts very starkly with the feedback from audiences who have watched the film - which is generally extremely positive. Indeed the film has been described as eye opening by many - including self-described feminists. 

I believe the film is important and should be circulated as widely as possible. This is the first media coverage of the issue that has not been biased to an outrageous degree and the facts presented in the video speak for themselves and cannot easily be dismissed by critics - though they certainly try to do so.  I have created this copy because I haven't managed to get a screening arranged in my part of the country and I know that circulation in the UK is, at best, patchy,

I want people to have the chance to see the film and make their own judgments. I have, however, deliberately degraded the quality of this copy, since I have no wish to take any profit away from Cassie - and to that end I would urge people to go and watch the film on the big screen if possible.

Please ignore any preconcptions you may have formed as a result of the campaign against this film. Watch it yourself and form your own opinion based on the content, not on the ideologically based attacks that are out there.
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