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Bible Test

It is my assertion that many Christians have never read the bible.  Over many years debating Christians I find that even the more knowledgeable of them don't really know much of the Old Testament and only a few selected parts from the New.

This quiz is part of a scientific experiment to test my assertion (I am now unofficially upgrading it to an hypothesis).  
The quiz is fair (there are no trick questions, impossible questions or questions which require lateral thinking)
. It consists of thirty questions (multiple choice with five choices per answer) each of which is a single question about part of the bible, and scores one point. The questions are related directly to the content and do not require theological interpretation or extra-biblical sources.

Because it is multiple choice with 5 choices per question, a random score (if you chose at random, making no attempt to answer correctly) would be 1/5*30 = 6.    A score of 6 or less therefore constitutes an abysmal level of knowledge which could be bettered by my computer selecting at random.  A score of 6-12 is pretty terrible. A score of 13-18 is probably (this is a prediction based on my last quiz and the results it produced) about average for a theist. A score of 20 (prediction again) is probably about average for an atheist (yes, really, we do tend to know the bible better than most theists).  A score of 20 represents 66%, but I want to be pretty sure that the pass score indicates someone who has read the whole bible, so I am setting the pass slightly higher at 70% - or 21 out of 30.  I think that is fair - and if you don't then tough, my quiz, my rules ;-)

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