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The menu uses Flash and some joomla add-on code. Occasionally it can stop working. I'll get down to bug-tracing when I finally get time - it is low on my current list of priorities. In the meantime simple click on the Home button (this should still work) and that normally sorts it. If not click home again and then refresh the page.

Absolutely not. The site is entirely non-commercial and contains no adverts or other revenue-generating content. It is funded entirely from my own pocket.



The site has two main accessibility aids.  

Firstly there is a speech synthesiser available on much of the site.  Click the mouse at the start of the text to be read and drag the mouse over the text. When the mouse button is released.the 'GSpeech' icon should be presented. Click on the speaker icon to hear the text read.

 speech example


Secondly it is possible to change the language of the site, using the pull-down selector at the foot of the screen.


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Click to listen highlighted text! Powered By GSpeech