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safety sign poisonPoison deaths mounting
It is about 4 years since the original report from scientists highlighted the increasing use of dihydrogen monoxide (DHMO). Little has been done.

wooMeasuring the Mindless

Woo (sometimes doubled to woo woo) is a term given to pseudo-science masquerading as genuine science, often co-opting phrases/terms from real scientific disciplines in an attempt to imply credibility and scientific bona-fides.
Crybaby MuhammadYou are still not getting it

I was recently contacted by a Muslim who had seen an offensive cartoon depicting Mohammad and the Pope that I posted on 'International Draw Mo' day.
retardedShameless, Arrogant and Moronic
Arghh - I've just finished a long and extremely frustrating exchange with a creationist in the US.
Muddled Moralitymoralitymeter

One of the most common (and most insulting) question that atheists are asked is about morality,

gay-marriageGay Marriage Legal

Here in the UK (excluding Ireland)  new legislation comes into force today. It puts gay marriage on the same legal footing as straight marriage.

clergy1Catholic Clergy Crisis

There have been growing calls over the last few days for action  to deal with the alarming incease in the population of Catholic Clergy.

Ham vs Nye Debatenyeham

Yesterday Ken Ham - arch-creationist and the money behind AnswersInGenersis and the Creation Museum - debated Bill Nye (the Science Guy).


Religious double-speak

Religion often involves using the sort of talk one expects from students trying their first LSD, or (apparently, my wife insists) that I engage in whilst fast asleep sometimes - ie meaningless gibberish.



It is a fairly constant source of surprise and disappointment that colleagues and other academics rarely question the place of theology within the halls of academe.

cameronPoliticians Talking Shit

Cameron is the latest politician to confidently talk in authorititive tones about something he obviously has no understanding of.

bigotWhen is a bigot not a bigot?
Apparently the answer is when their bigotry is religiously inspired.  As a society we seem to have some profound double-standards.

bigotsinfrocksVirgin Bigots in Frocks

Members of the Scottish Catholic Crew spouted their bigotry from the pulpit last weekend (26th Aug 2012), launching a concerted attack on the plans to introduce gay marriage in the Scottish Parliament.

GiveMeABreakThe Best of Religion

People sometimes ask me if my view of religion is unremittingly bleak - whether, in short, I see any 'good points'. The honest answer is yes, and here are some of those points:

texasTexas Must Go

I've just spend an hour reading a document that had me alternating between incredulity, anger and disbelief. 

respectRespecting Religion?

I am SICK of smiling idiots preaching 'respect for beliefs' - absolutely arse-grindingly SICK of it.

religiouslies\(\rho(Religiosity,Dishonesty)=1? \)

As a confirmed atheist, and occasional anti-theist, I have been debating religion with the religious for over 30 years.

Piss-poor Apologetics

I have never had much time for theologians. As far as I am concerned, the granting of degrees and postgraduate qualifications in 'theology' cheapens academia and devalues real academic qualifications.

militantatheist1Militant Atheists

One of the most frequent charges laid against me, in various debates, is that of being a 'militant' or 'strident' atheist.

hypocriteReligious Hypocrisy

Few groups in society are as hypocritical as the religious, yet this hypocrisy is often lauded and rarely, if ever, challenged. Most people will be able to recall instances of this.

persecutionReligious Discrimination
Here in the UK discrimination against atheists is now, thankfully, becoming a thing of the past.

evolution-creationism1Creeping Creationism

Anyone who has been out of the Solar System for the past decade might not yet be aware that Creationism (the dumbest form of Christianity and Islam) is on the rise.

tNick-CleggNick Clegg almost right

Nick Clegg is not someone I have any particular admiration for. I think his decision to enter coalition with the Tories was self-serving and actually profoundly undemocratic - despite all his attempted justifications.

agreementCan we agree on one thing?

I'd like to suggest, to theists and atheists alike, that we agree on one thing, and that we do so for sound, pragmatic and ultimately self-serving reasons, if not for higher principle.

careyCarey - whining tosser

Now ex-archbish Carey has joined the growing list of whining gits who are crying about 'discrimination' against Christians.

ratzinger2Ratzinger Resigns

So, it seems that Ratzinger has decided to resign as Pope. I'm not sure if there is a precedent for this - I'll check later - but it is certainly very unusual.

obrienO'Brien forced to resign

The most senior Catholic in the UK has been forced to resign amidst rumours of homosexual acts with fellow clergy.

ItalianIdiocyItalian Idiocy

So the Italians have decided to lock-up scientists. Specifically they have imprisoned 6 scientists six years each, for failing to warn about the L'Aquila earthquake in 2009.

parliament-chamberGay Marriage

It has been quite amusing watching a large number of politicians wriggle and squirm over the last few days, as the issue of gay marriage finally comes to a vote in the House of Commons.