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Replacement Dipstick for Suzuki GSXR-750

Replacement Dipstick for Suzuki GSXR-750 £22.00

Ever noticed how short the dipstick is on Suzuki GSXR-750?
We all know why this is - to save weight. We are delighted to announce that we have commissioned a new replacement for the stock dipstick which is 7 mm longer.
This means that you will now need approximately 1 litre less of that expensive synthetic oil at each service - saving you £££££s.

Radiator Insulation Kit

Radiator Insulation Kit £95.50

Anyone familiar with basic science will know that power used in heating is power lost to the rider. One of the major sources of waste heat production on a bike is the radiator.  As hot water moves through the radiator it is quickly cooled, meaning that the engine is then wasting power to heat the unit up continuously to overcome this.

Our specially designed kit will insulate your radiator, reducing heat loss by up to 90%. The result is that the engine is not then wasting energy on heating the radiator and can deliver more power to the back wheel.

New Powerbands for all leading models

New Powerbands for all leading models £30.00

We all know that as the mileage increases the power gradually decreases. We are pleased to announce a new range of replacement power-bands for most makes of motorcycles.

Fitting one of our power-bands to your bike will restore the original performance at a fraction of the cost of an engine rebuild.

Our power-bands are made from the finest materials to the highest specification - you cannot buy better.

DOT 5 Indicator Fluid

DOT 5 Indicator Fluid £22.00

All bikers know the importance of indicators. If your fail to indicate, or your indicators are faulty, it can cost you your life.

We are pleased to announce our latest addition to the product range - DOT 5 Indicator fluid.

Our fluid exceeds Department of Transport regulations and is the best that money can buy. Do you really want to risk paying less?

Fibre-optic Spark-plug Set

Fibre-optic Spark-plug Set £56.00

We are proud to announce our latest product - at the cutting-edge of bike technology.

The problem with traditional plug-leads is that the current generates heat as it moves through the copper and as we know, energy converted into heat is energy wasted.

Another problem is that the signal spreads as it travels through the copper, resulting in a poor spark.

Our fibre leads solve both of these issues. The signal is transferred through the leads in a coherent pulse of light which arrives as a tightly focused signal at the spark-plug.


Quality Ajustable Spanner

Quality Ajustable Spanner £24.50

Our sister manufacturing company - BikerParts - has come-up with a tool that all serious home mechanics will want.

This high-quality adjustable spanner is guaranteed to shift those rusted-on nuts and bolts.  Made from high carbon chrome-steel, to the highest quality, this superb tool will pay for itself many times over.

Please specify what thread system you require from these three options:
  • ISO  (Metric - most modern European or Japanese bikes)
  • Unified Thread Standard   (UTS - mainly US and Canada)
  • British Standard Whitworth   (BSW - mainly older British bikes)

First-aid Kit

First-aid Kit £55.99

We are proud to offer our brand new and unique first-aid kit. This kit is designed especially for motorcyclists. We all know that motorcycling is much more dangerous than driving. Even the best rider can be caught out by a car driver doing something unpredictable, a patch of diesel on a blind bend, a suicidal pedestrian, an out of control animal......

Our kit is the best that money can buy. Not ONE rider carrying this kit has EVER been seriously injured or killed in an accident.

New Tyre Beads

New Tyre Beads £22.00

Have you ever broken your tyre bead?  Modern tyres have very flimsy beads - sometimes you even hear a tyre fitter saying that he HAS to break your bead otherwise the tyre will deflate.

We think that this is shoddy and unacceptable.  Tyre beads should be fit for purpose and should not routinely require breaking.  

Our tyre beads are long-lasting and will never need to be broken.  I packet contains sufficient beads for both front and rear tyres.

Replacement Neutral Gear

Replacement Neutral Gear £155.50

You know the feeling - you just can't get neutral, try as you might.  The problem is that as your bike ages so does the gearbox and eventually neutral just wears-out. Since neutral is the gear you are most often in, it wears out before the other gears.

Here at BikerParts we have brand new Neutral gears for most models of bike. Price ranges from £100 upwards, depending on make/model.

So, don't keep searching for neutral - fit a new one.

Oil Bypass Kit

Oil Bypass Kit £75.50

We all know how expensive oil is for our bikes. Only the best will do, and that comes in at up to 30 quid per oil change. And if you have a performance bike, that oil change is every 1500 miles or so.

The problem is that the oil is in contact with all the dirt and grime that the engine creates during combustion. The partly burned fuel, carbon deposits and other products of incomplete combustion combine to make our oil dirty within a short period.
We have the answer.  Simply fit our after-market bypass kit. The oil is routed around the dirtiest parts of the engine - the cylinder bores and the cylinder head - so that it stays cleaner for much longer. Our bypass kit can triple the life of your oil, saving £££££s.
Available for most models - please specify. Full easy to follow instructions provided.

AC Battery

AC Battery £77.99

Battery connections can be a real problem on bikes. The terminals and connector blocks become corroded with time and this can result in electrical problems or even complete failure of the bike.

At BikerParts we have the solution.

We have developed a range of AC batteries for bikes. Using alternating current massively decreases the tendency of terminals to corrode and means that your electrical system will remain in tip-top condition - even for those who ride all year around.

Left-handed Torque-wrench

Left-handed Torque-wrench £36.00

BikerParts is pleased to announce our latest addition to our exclusive specialist tool range.

This quality torque wrench is specially designed for left-handed use, although it can still be used by right-handers in the usual manner.

The high precision scale displays in Newton Metres (Nm) and has a massive range from 10 Nm to 600 Nm ±3% which should easily cover any conceivable job on any motorcycle.

Piston Return Spring Set

Piston Return Spring Set £86.00

BikerParts has produced the highest quality piston return spring to date.  High temperance chromed metal resists temperatures up to 300'f. Our piston return springs FORCE the pistons back into the engine, no longer relying on gravity.

This effectively increases your revs, horsepower, and peak torque! You must buy one return spring per piston. Rotary engines require install of pistons for full compatibility. One per piston. Please specify if you are using a boxer motor.  

Engine/Bike Skyhook

Engine/Bike Skyhook £72.00

You know how frustrating it is when you need to drop the engine out of the frame but you are on your own with no strong mate to help?

Your worries are over. We have developed a new set of sky-hooks which allow you to quickly deploy a mechanical engine hoist, a block and tackle, or even a simple pulley system.

Once the sky-hook is attached you can simply attach your choice of lifting equipment to the hook and you have a secure platform for all your heavy lifting requirements.

Wiper-blade Sharpener

Wiper-blade Sharpener £22.00

For those special two bikes witted with windscreen wipers - the Harley Davidson Electro-Glide and Honda GL 1500 Gold-wing - we have a potential lifesaver. Blunt wiper-blades smear across the screen rather than cleanly removing the rain. In a car that is a nuisance,  but on a fast bike it is potentially lethal.

A quality sharpener for your windscreen wiper blade will ensure it remains sharp enough for even the stormiest conditions.  Don't live with a smeared screen - get a BikerParts sharpener - it could save your life.

Engine Tuning Kit

Engine Tuning Kit £45.00

It costs BIG money to have your bike professionally tuned - anything up to £400.  

At BikerParts we are determined to provide bikers with the tools they need to do a professional quality job in their own garages.  To that end we are proud to announce our new engine tuning kits are now available. The standard kit is supplied with 9 high quality tuning forks which are suitable for most makes and models of bike on the road.

Simply select the correct fork for your bike using the supplied manual (for example, a Yamaha R1 requires the number 4 tool which is tuned to F#,  whereas a Honda CBR600 RR requires the number 5 tool which is tuned to A).

Once you have selected the correct tool the job is simplicity itself - simply match the tuning by varying the carburetor settings until the exact tuning is achieved. A comprehensive manual explains the process in detail.

You can save hundreds of pounds using our tuning kit - and since it is designed to last a lifetime with careful use, you will continue to save over the lifetime of your bikes.

Why pay more?

High Performance Teflon Brake Disks

High Performance Teflon Brake Disks £99.00

High performance bikes usually suffer from brake-fade when being ridden on the limits. As any racing rider will tell you, this is because the brakes get extremely hot when the bike is being ridden aggressively. The heat is caused by friction between the disk pads and the steel disk which they operate on.  The higher the coefficient of friction, the more heat is generated.
Performance cars get around this problem using ceramics which can cope much better with high temperatures and do not fade. This is not an option for most bikes because ceramic technology has not yet been developed for two wheels.

At BikerParts we set our engineers this problem and they have produced a brilliant solution.  They have engineered a lower coefficient of friction into the system, resulting in less heat production and, therefore, much less brake-fade.

The normal steel disk is replaced by a custom-engineered unit made from a chrome-vanadium core disk which is then coated with an 800 micron layer of  Teflon.  This lowers the coefficient of friction by over 70 percent, resulting in a reduction in heat generation of between 55% and 95%.  Brilliant.

We are the ONLY suppliers/manufacturers able to offer this product a nd stocks are limited.

The disks are available for the Honda CBR-RR racing range (600cc and 900cc), the Yamaha R1 900, the Kawasaki ZX10R and Ninja H2R, the Suzuki XR51 and the Triumph T3.

Please specify the make and model of your bike on the order form.

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