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Tech Tyranny

GoogleI have written in the past about my concerns over the concentration of power within the tech sector. Google, for example, has tremendous power with no real accountability. Most people know that the ubiquitous search engine deals with user searches in a 'less than straightforward' manner. It is fairly common knowledge that companies willing to pay can have their listings advanced up the list of search results.  This, however, is the tip of the iceberg.

Google are developing algorithms which make assumptions about the socio-political views and position of users. Given that Google, like most of the silicon-valley tech companies, is fully committed to the 'woke' inter-sectional left, this is a worry.

Here is a little experiment you can try: 

go to the Google search engine and select images
Search for straight couples and see what you get. 

When I do this I get results which feature a majority of gay couples. Why would this be? Surely straight couples far outnumber gay couples?

Is this a case of Google tampering with search results to give a politically correct result?

Do readers have any views or examples of their own to share?

Greta Thunberg
The BBC 'Gender Paygap'

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