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Silence the teacher

teacherMy thoughts and my support this week go out to Will Knowland - an English teacher at Eton, who has been sacked for questioning the feminist notion of a patriarchy in a thoughtful and well argued resource on his YouTube channel.

As someone who shares many of the views Will expressed (though they may not be entirely his own opinions), this oppressive and illiberal action saddens but does not surprise me.  Even as a supply teacher I have got into trouble for one of my own videos in which a parent - without actually watching it - found grounds for official complaint to the school. The video challenged some feminist thinking when looking at the responsibility and duties of pastoral teachers. It was an academic argument, citing supporting materials and summarising positions which are academically well understood, intellectually and morally respectable, and which simply summarised a position, based on published, peer-reviewed and largely mainstream studies and findings.

I am glad to see that Will appears unrepentant and unbowed by the action - I just watched an interview on Youtube which explored the issues.



Scottish Suppression of Speech

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