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Greta Thunberg

GretaThunbergThere has been much buzz about a young girl from Sweden who has become the darling of climate activists.  Greta admits to having several mental issues and deciding to abandon school to concentrate on climate activism.  Supporters have lionised the young girl whilst critics have attacked her as a damaged young girl who knows next to nothing about the issue.

My own position is that those who are controlling Greta should be ashamed.  Her parents, I believe, are the main culprits. They claim to be an average professional couple, but I have my doubts - particularly since seeing Greta and her parents sporting T-Shirts supporting the violent AntiFagroup in the US.




Greta clearly has some issues and it seems to me that her parents are stoking her fears and prompting her for her appearances on the media.  I have a big issue with this, since I certainly do not believe it is in her interests to be pushed like this and I also believe she is more likely to alienate many potential supporters than encourage them.


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