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Cultural Appropriation Nonsense

cult appropAt this time of year the issue of cultural appropriation rears it's asinine head, as children select fancy dress costumes for Halloween and Guy-Fawkes night.
It is wrong, we are told, to dress in the manner of a minority group, since this appropriates their culture for a trivial and demeaning purpose.  Dressing as a Mexican, African, Polynesian, or pretty much any other non-European/US national is frowned upon by the social justice mob, and the usual shaming tactics are applied to the max. 
Magdalen College, Oxford has just introduced a mandatory course for all undergraduates, on which students will be taught that it was wrong and shameful to hold a Ball (last year) themed around the 1920s, since that era was extremely racist, and colonial attitudes prevailed.

I regard the whole issue as ideologically driven nonsense which should be roundly mocked.   The only argument that comes close to making sense is that this 'borrowing' of cultural features, perpetuates and emphasizes existing cultural stereotypes.  That is true to some extent, BUT I would argue that it is a GOOD thing, rather than a negative. ALL culture spreads in this way. American youth culture has been enthusiastically embraced by teenagers the world over for decades. The affect is to increase the general knowledge about, and appreciation of, the culture from which the features are being 'borrowed'. Naturally the social justice warriors only see a problem in one direction. Ethnic minorities are free to use US/UK native cultural features as they wish, of course, since that is the culture of the 'patriarchal oppressor'.

Bollox to these ideologues! If you want to put on a Sombrero and drink Tequila, or sport a Kimono, or wear your hair in dreadlocks then you should go right ahead. If some SJW type tries to shame you about it then employ the most effective anti-SJW weapon available - mockery. Since most of them lack any sense of humour, it is doubly hilarious to respond with a belly laugh when they start their hectoring bollox.

I have several friends with different ethnic heritages, and I have asked them and many other internet acquaintances about this matter.   Only one indicated that she was offended when people dressed in her national dress (and she was from Barnsley, so I suspect she was extracting the Michael).  This whole issue was invented by SJWs to allow them to play their favourite game of showing how right on' they are by yelling at perceived offenders in a pathetic display of virtue signalling.
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