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Transgender Musings

A position on the transgender 'issue'

The issue of transgenderism actually became an issue for me when I started to have significant numbers of children who self-declared as trans in my classes (secondary school).

My gut reaction is usually to look for who is being bullied or silenced and, until I know more, side with them. In this case that rule of thumb does not easily obtain. Trans activists make all sorts of claims and statements which are self-evident nonsense. On the other hand the right-wing counters are simplistic, not properly thought through, and, in too many cases, equally nonsensical. 

Both sides have their bullies (though I have to note that, in my experience, the trans activists are significantly more objectionable in this regard, The few activists that I have personal experience of, struck me as rather unpleasant people generally, who failed my 'pint test' witho9t exception. On the other hand, many, though certainly not all, of my acquaintances' that could sensibly be called 'conservative/right wing<sup>$</sup> strike me as decent folk, who would, moreover,  pass my 'pint test' comfortably).  So I found it necessary to look deeper before deciding what position to adopt on the matter.

* The 'pint test' is simple ...  I simply ask myself if I would be happy to take the person in question to my local pub, there to spend the evening in discussion,over a few pints of good ale.

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MGTOWI read very few newspapers nowadays, and it’s fairly rare that I actually watch terrestrial TV, including the news.

I have however noticed a spate of articles from women recently on a similar theme - the lack of availability of good men, particularly those available to women in their thirties and forties.

I have also for the last several years been technically single and ‘available’ on the dating market.  In this post I wish to look at the same issues and bring them together.

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Beware Intellectuals

intellectualsThis may sound odd, coming as it does from someone who makes his living in the suburbs of academia, but I do wish people would exercise a bit more scepticism when it comes to trusting intellectuals and their pronouncements.

Let me start by defining what I mean by 'intellectual'. Here I am happy to adopt the definition coined by economist Thomas Sowell, who defines an intellectual as "a person who's work starts and ends with ideas."

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Educate yourself? Ha!

This phraseeducate - educate yourself - seems to be a favourite of the modern wokester.  It is, of course, ironic, since my experience of the woke leads me to the conclusion that they are almost universally deeply ignorant about such things as history, geography, politics, technology, and anything involving even simple mathematics.

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Pure Authoritarianism

modified suzukiThe government have floated the idea of a law to make changing parts on a motorbike illegal. I thought it was a joke at first, but no, this is for real. The way this is currently phrased it would be illegal to do ANY mods to a bike, or even use a patent part to replace a dealer spare part. 

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Seeing is not always believing

shadowAt one time eye-witness testimony was the gold standard in criminal trials. Certainly I can remember that being the case. Over time, however, we began to get an appreciation of just how BAD we are at seeing, remembering and recalling. 

Nowadays the situation is almost reversed. Eye witness testimony is regarded with great suspicion, to the extent that it is now unlikely that a trial would even go ahead if there was only eye-witness testimony with no other collaborating evidence.

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Silence the teacher

teacherMy thoughts and my support this week go out to Will Knowland - an English teacher at Eton, who has been sacked for questioning the feminist notion of a patriarchy in a thoughtful and well argued resource on his YouTube channel.

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Scottish Suppression of Speech

ScottishThe Scots are about to pass legislation which will make it illegal to speak in a manner considered to be 'inciting bigotry' - even in one's own home.  I have always opposed the very idea of hate speech, since I regard it as part of free speech to be able to say hateful things. Such matters should be dealt with via social and peer pressure, not the state. 

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Dealing with vicious misandry

JennyJonesVerbal abuse of men, as a gender, continues.  In the Lords we had Baroness Jenny Jones call for a 6pm curfew for men - without much comment from our complicit media.

As in all such cases, it is informative to switch the genders and evaluate, honestly, whether the result would be the same. Obviously any male politician even joking about a curfew for women would be sacked and disgraced before the end of that same day. Instead , this misandrist bitch has the cheek to whine at the very limited blowback she got from twitter,  whilst continuing her pathetic attention-grabbing bigotry.

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A view on Caster Semenya

CasterSemenyaThe Swiss courts recently released their judgement on the appeal brought by Semenya against the ruling that she cannot compete in women's athletics unless she takes medication to lower her testosterone levels.  Having looked into this case I find that there is a great deal of misinformation and misunderstanding on the matter - hence this posting.

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Understanding Wolfram

WolframThere is what I would once have called a Teefal man (for those too young, the reference is to an old TV advert which featured large-headed boffins) currently stirring things up in Physics and Maths.  His name is Stephen Wolfram, and he will be immediately familiar to many, via his commercial computational products, like Mathematica and Alpha, or for his work in mathematics.

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The BBC and other media

BBCOver the years - particularly the last 3 or 4 - I've become disenchanted with most of the mainstream media. Wokeness infests the media almost as much as it does my own profession, but facts are now coming back to bite...hard.

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Covid19Several people have asked me for my opinion of where we are with regard to the coronavirus pandemic, and what the future might hold. Obviously I'm not an expert in epidemiology or, in fact, any relevant science. I do, however, have a good basic grounding in science generally, and I have a circle of friends and contacts who are experts in a variety of scientific and medical fields.

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The Problem with the Left (1/2)

regressive birthIn the UK the Labour party is currently a shambles. In the US the democrats managed to loose an election to a reality-show host. Clearly there are some serious issues with left wing politics in general. In this article I try to explain what the problem is and how it arose.

Before I go on I will define what I mean here by 'left wing'. In broad terms there are two viewpoints regarding society and politics. One view is that we should strive to arrange society according to a historical blueprint or a past ideal. The other view is that society is better than it has ever been but needs to progress further by looking to the future, not the past.  We can call the first conservatism and the second progressivism.

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Tech Tyranny

GoogleI have written in the past about my concerns over the concentration of power within the tech sector. Google, for example, has tremendous power with no real accountability. Most people know that the ubiquitous search engine deals with user searches in a 'less than straightforward' manner. It is fairly common knowledge that companies willing to pay can have their listings advanced up the list of search results.  This, however, is the tip of the iceberg.

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New arrival

fjr1300At last.   For someone with an internet name of Bikerman, I've been without a bike for far too long. For personal and work reasons I had to sell my beloved Yamaha several years ago. Now, being finally in a position to get a new bike, I've bought myself another Yamaha. 

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Me too? No thanks

MetooWe are currently in the middle of a moral panic based on historic wrongdoing (or perceived wrong doing) of some famous men.  Events began with allegations against a famous Hollywood mogul - Harvey Weinstein dating back a couple of decades or so. There is little question that Weinstein is a wretched character. Whether he broke any laws is still open to question and will not be answered until we see a proper trial. There is little doubt, however, that his behaviour was unacceptable - then as now - and few people,  me included, would take issue with that.  Pretty soon, however, scores of women came forward (to the press in most cases) with their stories of historic sexual abuse, and a campaign to encourage others, called Me Too, was started.  Here is where the problems began.
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Bikerman's Guide to Special Relativity

dilationThis is a guide to Einstein's theory of Special Relativity aimed at the non scientist. No prior knowledge is assumed, but I will need to assume that you are familiar with basic arithmetic, and that you know something, even if only a very little, about algebra.
{tab Introduction}Please do not be put off if maths frightens you - I hope to show you that maths is nothing to be feared and what have you got to lose? If you know that algebra uses letters to represent values then that should be enough to get us going. If you are more proficient then so much the better. If you know Pythagoras' theorem about right angled triangles then you already know the most difficult maths in the whole guide.
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