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Students & Parents

Students & Parents

A Message to my Students and their Guardians

Welcome to Biker@Home. This is the main internet home of Bikerman. Some may know me from discussion boards/forums where I tend to post on matters concerning science, religion and philosophy.  I am an anti-theist, secular humanist and this site reflects that in that it contains much material critical of religion. Naturally I am aware that this might cause concern for the parents/guardians of some pupils/students I teach (though it really shouldn't) - I have addressed this in an open letter which you can read by clicking HERE.  I am equally aware that some of my pupils/students will pour over this site for 'juicy' stuff with which to embarrass 'sir'. To any pupils/students reading this I will simply say that I can't stop you reading my site, but I think that you might not find it as interesting as many other things you could be doing. You won't find anything here that I will be embarrassed by - yes, sir DOES use some 'bad language' but I don't believe you will be shocked, or even much surprised, to hear that, since I am sure that parents or other adults in your life use similar language, and I know fine well that most of you do :-) None of the opinions or views I express here should shock you and there is nothing here that I am, or anyone else should be, ashamed of.

This site is NOT aimed at converting the religious to atheism - in my experience that is not possible unless the person is already questioning their faith. This site IS aimed at providing support and resources for atheists, and aims to explain the case for atheism to anyone seriously considering it. The site will also provide support to any religious people out there who are having doubts, or even just needing someone to talk to outside the immediate community.  You can learn more about the site in the FAQs.

Note: You do not have to register on the site if you do not wish to. Many resources are open to guest users but be aware that some are not and require registration. Please be assured that I will not pass any details on to any third party for any reason (short of a court order).

Firefox users may have an issue with the display of mathematical symbols. If so, go here 

PS - If you've clicked the play button above, the music now playing is my very good friend Jez smashing the drums with the rest of his band - the most excellent Swervedriver.  This track is a bootleg version of a song from their album Juggernaut and is, appropriately, called 'The Other Jesus'.  If it doesn't totally rock your world then turn it UP and play it again.   If you still don't like it then what can I say - except there is no hope for you because IT ROCKS!  If, however, you are sane and therefore love it, check 'Bikerman's Music' from the menu or click HERE to go there directly, where you will find more loveliness.


+1 # Chris 2014-05-20 10:43
Hi, I was just wondering if you were going to put up series 4 of Meet David Sedaris at some point. I do night shifts with odd train times and it makes time past, well not quicker, but funnier. Finding the other three series on here was fantastic.
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0 # bikerman 2014-05-22 18:17
OK dfw, I'm still not having much luck finding a clean enough copy of Series 4. However, I think you will find my compromise quite to your liking - go check it out - you can be the official beta-listener :-)
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0 # Dean Hills 2015-02-01 02:24
Wondering where you are! Let us know how you are doing.
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0 # bikerman 2015-03-07 18:23
Hi Dean,
My laptop got trashed last November and I decided to take a complete break from 'on-line' for a few months to concentrate on other things.
I'm now back on-line but will probably spend less time than previously..
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