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If any of the following get close to describing you then you are in the right place.

  • unsure about my beliefs
  • questioning my faith
  • religious but genuinely open-minded
  • religious but I want to see counter arguments
  • considering atheism
  • newly atheist
  • atheist but with questions





But you are welcome regardless.

This site is NOT aimed at converting the religious to atheism - in my experience that is not possible unless the person is already questioning their faith. This site IS aimed at providing support and resources for atheists, and aims to explain the case for atheism to anyone seriously considering it. The site will also provide support to any religious people out there who are having doubts, or even just needing someone to talk to outside the immediate community.

I am creating this site as a resource. It is unashamedly not simply atheist but anti-theist in both tone and content selection but I do promise to try my best to ensure that the content is accurate.  You can learn more about the site in the FAQs.

Note: You do not have to register on the site if you do not wish to. Many resources are open to guest users but be aware that some are not and require registration. Please be assured that I will not pass any details on to any third party for any reason (short of a court order).


PS - If you've clicked the play button above, the music now playing is my very good friend Jez smashing the drums with the rest of his band - the most excellent Swervedriver.  This track is a bootleg version of a song from their album Juggernaut and is, appropriately, called 'The Other Jesus'.  If it doesn't totally rock your world then turn it UP and play it again.   If you still don't like it then what can I say - except there is no hope for you because IT ROCKS!  If, however, you are sane and therefore love it, check 'Bikerman's Music' from the menu or click HERE to go there directly, where you will find more loveliness.

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