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Welcome to Biker@Home

This is the internet home of Bikerman - the nickname I use generally on the internet. My real life details are available from the menu if you are interested.

This site is home to things which interest, annoy, amaze, please or confound me. Those who know my internet persona will know that I am most active in two main areas of discussion/debate - religion and science - so these will obviously feature on the site.

I am an unapologetic anti-theist. This means that not only am I an atheist (I not believe in God(s)), I am also opposed to belief in Gods generally - particularly as embodied in organised religion - because of the harm it does, and has done, to society as a whole. I do NOT believe, however, that religious belief (or any belief) should be outlawed or discriminated against. This is because I believe that freedom of expression is central to the rights of a citizen in any society, and we should subject any attempt to diminish it to the most rigorous scrutiny and, where appropriate, resistance. I will happily defend the right of a Christian to believe in their God whilst arguing against the existence of any such God in the strongest terms* - there is no contradiction here.

I am a big fan of science and have spent much time and effort educating myself in physics, mathematics and, to a lesser extent, biology. Science will, therefore, also feature largely on the site.

Finally, my sense of humour is reflected in the contents of the 'entertainment' section of the site.

* Please note - whilst I feel no duty to 'make the case' for theism, I do believe in educating rather than propogandising. I try to ensure that any material on the site is correct factually and does not distort or misrepresent the opinions, thoughts, or writings of anyone I might quote or reference - even those whose views I strongly oppose.  If you spot inaccuracy or error then I will be grateful if you let me know, so that I can correct it. I despise the sort of dishonesty I see in debate with creationists routinely (and, it needs saying, almost always BY the creatonist apologist), and I try to avoid anything like that in my own writings, so if I do err then please be sure I want to be informed.

Please click HERE to read about the latest changes to this site.

PS - Pressing play on the music player above will start The Other Jesus by my best mate and his band Swervedriver. The title is apt for this site, and the music rocks, so turn it up :-)


0 # Simon 2015-07-14 17:34
Welcome back.

I really enjoyed streaming Brian Gullivers Travels and Hitchikers guide from you!

Any chance you could repost them?

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+1 # bikerman 2015-07-15 00:55
OK reposted :lol:
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0 # Sam 2015-07-28 14:10
Hello, I saw that you previously had Old Harry's Game in the entertainment section but it's disappeared!

Any chance these could come back up?


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0 # bikerman 2015-07-29 18:53
I put that back a while ago - let me know if you have a problem accessing it.
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