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Welcome to Biker@Home


This is the internet home of Bikerman - the nickname I use generally on the internet. My real life details are available from the menu if you are interested.


This site is home to things which interest, annoy, amaze, please or confound me.  Those who know my internet persona will know that I am most active in two main areas of discussion/debate - religion and science.  


I am an unapologetic anti-theist. This means that not only am I an atheist (I not believe in God(s)), I am also opposed to belief in Gods generally - particularly as embodies in organised religion. 


I am a big fan of science and have spent much time and effort educating myself in physics, mathematics and, to a lesser extent, biology. Although I am certainly no expert (and would never present myself as one), I believe that I can talk intelligently on a range of scientific topics/issues and that I know enough to know when I cannot do so.

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