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2016-05-28 04:33

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Welcome to Biker@Home


This is the internet home of Bikerman - the nickname I use generally on the internet. My real life details are available from the menu if you are interested.

This site is home to things which interest, annoy, amaze, please or confound me. Those who know my internet persona will know that I am most active in two main areas of discussion/debate - religion and science - so these will obviously feature on the site.

I am an unapologetic anti-theist, which means I am opposed to theism in all it's forms - particularly in the shape of the organised churches. To avoid confusion - which is frequent on this matter - I'll deal with the other labels generally used in discussions of faith before I move on.....
    • I an atheist - which means I do not believe in God(s). It does NOT mean that I deny the possibility of God existing, rather that I don't think the case has been made.

    • I am agnostic - which means I don't think it is possible to be certain about the existence of God (though it may be before too long). I think that the possibility that God exists grows less as time passes, and I currently put it at 'almost certainly doesn't'.

  • I am a libertarian to the extent that I think freedom of expression is the most important of Western freedoms1, which means that I do NOT believe that religious belief (or any belief) should be outlawed or discriminated against2. I will happily defend the right of a Christian to believe in their God whilst arguing against the existence of any such God in the strongest terms3 - there is no contradiction here.
My anti-theism means that religion features heavily on the site. Much of the material in the superstition section concerns religion in general and Christianity in particular. Atheists and those considering atheism should find it an excellent resource. Theists, particularly Christians, will find a lot of material which challenges their beliefs but nothing, I hope, which is designed to offend or abuse any individual believer. If you DO take offence then ask yourself if you would still be offended if the material was on, say, football or politics.  If the answer is no then please don't waste my time by complaining. I do not feel the need to treat religious belief any differently to choice of politics or football team - they are all fair game for criticism.  If the answer is yes, and you honestly do not consider yourself particularly over-sensitive, then by all means contact me and I'll give your point serious consideration. I will say, however, that I have noticed a trend over the last decade or so for people to announce that they are offended - as if this is a valid criticism, or that their being offended demands some sort of action. It isn't and it doesn't. Offending someone is not a crime, and taking offence does not put any responsibility on others to deal with YOUR problem. Most people are pretty decent, and will try to avoid giving offence needlessly - I include myself in that - but I will not be silent on something I consider important, simply to prevent someone taking offence at my words. Being offended is your right and giving offence is mine, live with it.

The conventional 'blog' site is covered in 'My Stuff' where you will find my bio,  examples of my writing, my Youtube videos, some databases I have created, and some less serious material.

I am a big fan of science and have spent much time and effort educating myself in physics, mathematics and, to a lesser extent, biology. Science will, therefore, also feature largely on the site - there is enough multimedia to occupy a person for many months simply watching, reading and/or listening.

I am an educator by trade, and by nature, so there is an education section called the Leaning Zone which has courses for self-study.

Finally, my sense of humour is reflected in the contents of the 'entertainment' section of the site.  I play chess at a reasonable standard so there are chess resources. I love Radio - particularly Radio 4 - so there is a lot of radio 4 comedy, along with many other amusing and diverting material.

Please click HERE to read about the latest changes to this site.

PS - Pressing play on the music player above will start The Other Jesus by my best mate and his band Swervedriver. The title is apt for this site, and the music rocks, so turn it up :-)

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